Prerna Music Classes is the best I came across

Rajesh BhangalePrerna Music Classes is the best institute for music coaching that I have ever come across for my daughter, Devashree.

Madam Prerna is simply fantastic. She instills a deep understanding of Hindustani Classical Music in the students mind. As a result, I have been seeing remarkable improvements in Devashree’s knowledge about Classical music in the past two years. 

I can’t recommend Prerna Music Classes highly enough! We’re so grateful to Madam Prerna and wish her all the best for persistent success forever!

Rajesh Bhangale

Learning at Prerna Music Classes is Simply Joyful

Anupama KediaPrerna Music Classes has been my home for classical singing for the past six years, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Prerna madam’s passion for teaching shines through in her multi-faceted approach. She ensures a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond just technique.

Her classes are a joy! Learning ragas under her guidance fills me with a sense of peace and accomplishment. The atmosphere in class is both friendly and focused, creating the perfect space for musical growth.

I’m incredibly grateful to have Prerna madam as my teacher. Her dedication to her students has made a profound impact on my musical journey.

Anupama Kedia

One stop shop for Hindustani Vocal and Harmonium

Smita BhangalePrerna Music Classes, under the guidance of the gifted teacher Prerna Kulkarni ma’am, is a haven for aspiring singers. Her knowledge and passion make her an exceptional instructor, one who cultivates the musical talents of her students and helps them blossom into the future stars of the music world.

Prerna Music Classes is one stop shop for the students aspiring to learn Hindustani Vocal and Harmonium.

Smita Bhangale

Experience at Prerna Music Classes was a fantastic

Veena KevalramaniThanks to Madam Prerna’s excellent guidance at Prerna Music Classes, a true gem for classical music (vocal and harmonium), I passed 3 vocal and 2 harmonium exams. Her deep knowledge and vast experience in music were so inspiring and her flexibility with class timings in odd situations were incredibly helpful.

Though family commitments led me to take a break from my studies, I intend to return as soon as possible. I whole-heartedly recommend Prerna Music Classes to anyone seeking to learn classical music.

Veena Kevalramani

Madam Prerna taught us beyond music

Yamini LawhateEver since my school days in Ambernath, I’ve had the privilege of learning Hindustani music from Madam Prerna for a remarkable 7-8 years. Even after completing my 10th grade, I continued learning under her guidance.

Madam Prerna fostered a warm and welcoming learning environment, akin to a second home. Our classes were filled with open discussions about music and the chance to delve into the meaning behind the songs we learned.

The most heartwarming aspect was Madam Prerna’s witness to my personal journey – from a carefree college girl to a dedicated, married woman. The memories of our classes, our designated practice spaces, and Madam Prerna’s unique teaching methods remain etched in my mind.

Yamini Lawhate

An inspiring teacher who ignites deep passion for music

Kranti KosheFor seven years now, I’ve had the privilege of learning Music from Madam Prerna whose knowledge is truly remarkable and her devotion to teaching shines through in every lesson.

She does not have impressive expertise in classical music but also is an inspiring teacher who ignites a deep passion for music within her students. Under Madam Prerna’s guidance, I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my vocal skills and confidence. I am incredibly grateful to have her as my Guru.

A Guru imparts priceless knowledge. The debt to a Guru can never be repaid, for even if you forget God, never forget your Guru.

Kranti Koshe

My musical journey proves music has no age limit

Vasundhara VazeJust like the name suggests, Prerna Sangeet Vidyalaya truly instilled a deep love for music in me (Prerna means “inspiration” in Hindi). At 61, I embarked on a new adventure – learning music for the first time. I knew absolutely nothing, but my Guru, Prerna, patiently guided me from the very basics to a deeper understanding.

Over the past nine years, I must admit I’ve thoroughly tested her patience! However, her unwavering dedication and kindness never faltered. Thanks to her, I can now grasp the intricacies of songs and taans (fast melodic passages) with a newfound appreciation.

I am incredibly grateful to Prerna, not just as my teacher, but as my guiding light in the world of music.

Vasundhara Vaze

From Beginner to Visharad: My Journey at Prerna Music Classes

Shreya ThoolJoining Prerna Music Classes in 3rd grade (2016) to explore music as a hobby was one of the best decisions our family ever made. It was challenging at first but Madam Prerna’s unwavering support and encouragement made a huge difference. She patiently helped me overcome hurdles in both singing and playing the harmonium.

Her unique teaching methods were incredibly effective, building a strong foundation in swaras and ragas. My confidence soared as I consistently achieved first-class results in exams.

Now, after seven incredible years at Prerna Music Classes, I’m excited to be taking my Visharad (Part 1) exam.

Shreya Thool

Feeling incredibly lucky at Prerna Music Classes

Kartik PokhariyaPrerna Kulkarni is an amazing music teacher!

For the past 6 months, she has been working with my son, Kartik, who is differently abled.

Kartik thrives in Prerna’s music classes and shows a real passion for learning. We have even seen a significant improvement in his Hindi speech!

We feel incredibly lucky to have found Prerna Music Classes for Kartik.

Kavita Pokhariya

Been a student of Madam Prerna for 20 years

Jyotsna KshirsagarI have been a student at Prerna Music Classes for the past 20 years, and I can’t recommend them enough!

The teacher’s knowledge of classical music is truly impressive and her passion for music shines through in her teaching style.

She creates a fun and engaging learning environment that’s perfect for students of all levels.

Jyotsna Kshirsagar

Incredibly lucky to be student of Madam Prerna

Aniruddha DeshmukhLearning Hindustani music with Madam Prerna Kulkarni has been an incredible experience. I aced the first two levels, and all the credit goes to her exceptional teaching.

Madam Kulkarni’s vast knowledge shines through in her explanations. She breaks down every aspect of Hindustani classical music in a clear and thorough way, making it easy to understand. The classroom environment is incredibly positive and inspiring. Her passion for music is contagious, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be her student.

Aniruddha Deshmukh

Ma’am Prerna makes complex concepts easy

Deepa ChanchlaniThe past two years of learning singing at Prerna Music Classes have been fantastic! Prerna ma’am’s expertise shines through her ability to give personalized attention to each student. She has a gift for explaining even complex concepts of classical singing in a way that makes them clear and understandable.

Thank you, Prerna ma’am, for helping me develop my singing voice. I’m excited to keep learning from you!

Deepa Chanchlani

Fast Progress with Fun at Prerna Music Classes

GurleenThe classes at Prerna Music Classes are amazing!

Madam Prerna is great and the time flies by when we’re all learning and practicing together. I’m learning so much and seeing real improvement in my musical skills.

I highly recommend Prerna Music Classes to everyone keen to learn Hindustani Music.


Simply passionate, enriching and inspiring

Diksha ShahakarFor two and a half years, I had the privilege of learning classical singing under the inspiring guidance of Ma’am Prerna. My studies abroad forced me to put my training on hold, but it was an enriching musical journey.

Madam Prerna’s passion for music and her dedication to teaching were truly infectious. If the opportunity arises to resume my practice, there’s no doubt Madam Prerna would be my first choice as a teacher.

Diksha Shahakar

Learning to Love Music with Prerna Music Classes

Ranjita Mandal7 years of Hindustani Music at Prerna Music Classes! Madam Prerna is an exceptional teacher – talented, knowledgeable, and incredibly passionate about music. Her dedication shines through in her meticulous approach, where she corrects even the subtlest details in our playing.

What truly sets Prerna Music Classes apart is the warm and welcoming environment. Our classes feel more like gatherings with friends, making learning music so enjoyable.

If you’re seeking top-quality music learning in Ambernath that fosters love for music, look no further than Prerna Music Classes.

Ranjita Mandal

Madam Prerna is simply the best Music Teacher

Deepali DeshmukhSince 2014, Prerna Music Classes has helped me achieve my Visharad in both Vocal and Harmonium.

Learning with her was always a thrill. She constantly motivated me to explore improvisation with Aalaps and Taans, and being a skilled Tabla player herself, she even provided accompaniment!

Through thick and thin, Madam Prerna’s guidance not only made me a better musician, but a better person too.

Madam Prerna isn’t just a fantastic teacher, she’s simply the best in Ambernath.

Deepali Deshmukh

Inspired Learning at Prerna Music Classes

Prajakta TipareLiving up to her name, which means “inspiration,” Teacher Prerna fosters a supportive and encouraging environment for students of all levels. Whether you’re learning harmonium, exploring the intricacies of Aalap and Taan, or delving into the beauty of Khayal, Teacher Prerna provides unwavering guidance and support.

Prerna Music Classes is a haven for anyone seeking to explore Hindustani music, be it for personal enjoyment, a lifelong passion, or a potential career path.

Prajakta Tipare

Perfect Harmonium Guru at Prerna Music Classes

VaishnaviI was fortunate to discover and become a part of Prerna Music Classes during my quest for a Harmonium teacher.

Teacher Prerna embodies professionalism and delivers information with utmost clarity, whether it’s through spoken words or written materials. The warm and welcoming atmosphere within the classes enhances students’ comfort and accelerates their learning journey.

Students aspiring to learn Hindustani Vocal or Harmonium, should look upto Teacher Prerna and trust expertise and guidance to lead you through the right process.

Vaishnavi Navangul

Proficient, Patient and Kind

Prachi A MeghashyamI completed my Harmonium Visharad at Prerna Music Classes under the guidance of Prerna Kulkarni, who is also my sister.

She is an exceptionally kind, patient, and loving music teacher whose calm and skillful approach has greatly enriched the lives of hundreds of students like me.

May Goddess Saraswati continue to bless Prerna so that she can inspire numerous students on their musical journey.

Prachi Megashyam

A Transformative Learning

BalwantWalking into my first Hindustani music class as a novice, I was filled with nerves and self-doubt. But Didi Prerna’s unique teaching style put me at ease instantly. Her personalized approach goes beyond the textbook, focusing on students’ strengths, weaknesses, and musical dreams.

Didi Prerna doesn’t just teach music; she ignites a passion for it. Her encouragement and enthusiasm helped me not only grasp the technical aspects of Hindustani music but also appreciate its depth and beauty. While my social commitments forced me to take a break, I fully intend to return to my lessons soon.

I am incredibly grateful to Didi for sharing her invaluable knowledge and instilling an indelible, lifelong love for Hindustani music.

B.S. Wadhwani